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Our Team

Christian Harney
Lead Editor

Christian accomplished his masters in literature and initiated the work focusing on business trends. He is one of the experts with a long 6 Years of the industry. His exposure to multiple domains also makes him a knowledge-full person and a great storyteller. Christian is proud communicator, Social media trailblazer, and Unapologetic twitter geek. He loves to cook and is known as a food guru in the organization. His sporting attitude makes him a fresh of piece of motivation for others.


Phone: +31-101-231-1759

Naomi Russell
Sr. Editor & Writer

Naomi functions in the organization with a responsible position as a lead coordinator. Her Knowledge in science and outer space is immense and this makes her sole contributor for science column. She is pop culture aficionado, Bacon fan, and an Internet evangelist. She hardly misses any pop event in the town and sometimes around the country as well. Her dedication towards fitness is what makes her personality cool and patient at work.


Phone: +31-101-232-1859

Marlon Henley
Author & Contributor

After graduating with an engineering degree, Marlon has been totally dedicated to the latest innovation integration to machine learning, AI, and any other stuff that seems to reduce human efforts. He is one of the oldest and talented heads we have in the squad. He solely handles the whole division of technology and innovation. Marlon can be called a Web fanatic, Certified thinker, and Award-winning travelaholic. Marlon is mostly seen on vacations delivering the revolutionary thoughts from any corner of the world.


Phone: +31-101-233-1959

Anthony Parnell
Regional News Staff Writer

One of the most creative and environment-friendly people on the floor is Anthony. He contributes with his knowledge for healthcare domain. Post completion of Biotech masters, Anthony chose to explore his thoughts through his words and plentiful of knowledge. He is the one behind the most artistic and inspired wall art in our office. When not writing on health he loves to pour down his thoughts on the canvas, which gives us free painting everytime.


Phone: +31-101-235-1959