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2019 To Be Tough Year Ahead For Amazon SeeingThe Current Condition

After a year of expectations, Amazon previous month declared its winners for 2 new, 25,000-worker offices and was instantly met with an overflow of mockery and derision. There was even an objection in Queens, where one of the campuses will be set, with individuals lambasting the billions in incentives the firm will get for the campuses.

In 2019, Amazon is an obvious and big target. It is embarking on 2 huge corporate office projects and Jeff Bezos (CEO at Amazon) is now the richest person in the world. That high-wattage profile places the firm in the sights of politicians wanting to champion mom-and-pop businesses, unions looking to enhance employee benefits, privacy advocates seeking to increase worries about the firm’s data-collecting abilities.

In spite of lots of criticism about the firm, Amazon’s public reputation stays strong and its business is booming day-by-day. Even if users start shifting away from Amazon due to complaints about warehouse situations or fear of possible misuse of info, an exodus is improbable to take place overnight.

On a related note, only 50% of the jobs at the new headquarters of Amazon in Washington, D.C. and Long Island City will be technical jobs, the media claimed. New York City executives made the declaration at a presentation for the Queens community board earlier.

“Out of the supposed 25,000 jobs that Amazon will conveying to the city, 12,500 will be in technical department. The rest will be custodial staff, administrative jobs, HR, and all such things,” claimed vice president at the Economic Development Corporation for community and government relations, Eleni Bourinaris-Suarez, to the media in an interview.

Economic Development Corporation assisted to negotiate the contract with Amazon. The same breakdown is anticipated for the Washington, D.C., office, the media claimed. The news of two offices, however, was welcomed with mixed feelings.