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Europe’s Measles Outbreak Could Spread In The US

Europe is suffering from Measles epidemic and US can be its next victim, forecasts the doctors. Unlike the scenario which existed before 5 or 10 years, now people are dying from measles. Europe has already witnessed 41000 measles cases this year out of which 40 have led to deaths. This report was published by the World Health Organization. Doctors have informed that lack of vaccination has resulted in this epidemic. This disease is rare in United States of America and many people are not even aware of measles vaccines. As per some, it is just a disease which occurs during childhood.

One such case is of Silvia Rossetti from Rome. Silvia (41 years) was infected from measles when she was 32 weeks pregnant. She informed that she never had the measles vaccine and when the symptoms like cough, congestion or fever started developing she got concerned. As her condition worsened, the doctors decided to do a c- section. Silvia could not see her baby for 5 days as she was in the quarantine state. Luckily the baby was safe from measles but Silvia caught pneumonia and got too weak to take care of the baby. Measles also led to rashes in her eyes and she could barely see for few days. Silvia had ensured that her son has got all the required vaccines. She commented that vaccination is just for oneself but good for all the loved ones.

Dr. Alberto Villani, a pediatric at the Bambino Gesu Pediatric Hospital and also the President of the Italian Pediatric Society informed that the condition is extremely critical. United Kingdom was declared as free from measles by the World Health Organization last year. But this year even measles cases can be seen here. According to Anca Paduraru, a member of the European Commission, Brussels informed this outbreak has resulted from the carelessness of the parents, who have decided not to vaccinate their babies.