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Machine Learning Course Made Available For Free by Amazon

The e-commerce giant Amazon, led by Jeff Bezos, recently announced that the company is planning on making the range of machine learning courses available for absolutely free, to the developers that have signed up for the AWS platform of the company. Initially this particular program was available only to the employees of the company, but after the changes in the policy, now onwards, anyone can benefit from the same at absolutely no charge. The people that are interested can access it without loosening their pockets and all they have to do is sign up to the free plan of Amazon Web Services.

The plan actually consists of as many as thirty courses in total, and these have nearly 45 hours of total material available, along with the videos that are course-related and some lab tests are included in the same as well. As per the statement of the company, this plan will not only help the beginners, but will also be of great help to the advanced developers and also to the group of people that fall in between these two.

Basically, the company’s plan is to focus on nearly four groups, as far as this machine learning program is concerned. These four groups include the data scientists, the developers, the data platform engineers, and last but not the least, the business professionals. The company shed some light on the various aspects of the program while stating that the course will actually start with some of the fundamental concepts, and it will build on some real world examples as well.

While the program is made available for free to the developers, they will still have to pay some amount of money for the cloud services that will be used by them mainly for the lab testing and some other purposes. In addition to that, there will be an exam conducted for the certification of the same.