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Zuckerberg Miss International Hearing, MPs Angry

The CEO of Facebook misses a crucial hearing of the international inquiry into the fake news and disinformation, agitating MPs from 9 countries.

The Vice President of the Policy Solutions from FB, Richard Allan filled his space, raising several eyebrows. He further took responsibility for taking the decision of selecting the person to appear in a committee. The Liberal Democrat Member of Parliament, Lord Allan was also cornered for the various policies and security measures being administered in the platform. He was also grilled for the absence of his boss on a vital hearing.

The session was filled with members from countries like Belgium, Argentina, Canada, Brazil, France, Latvia, Singapore, and France. The chairs were also filled in by the members of the UK’s Culture, Digital, Sports, and Media Committee. In fact, the chairman of the committee, Damian Collins had asked the CEO, Mark Zuckerberg to attend the hearing.

Charlie Angus, a Canadian politician stated that he has never experienced such an incident where on one hand people play with the interesting apps on the smartphones while the democratic institutions are being turned upside down by a billionaire boy. A few days back, a cache of the important FB documents was seized from an official when he was on a foreign tour stating that it will be beneficial for the sake of the inquiry. Though the details of the paperwork were not published on the date of hearing, Collins has stated it may release during the next week.

Facebook has demanded to return the papers which have been sealed off by the US court. However, an email dated back to 2014 mentioned that data in huge quantity is being pulled off by the devices carrying the IP addresses of Russia. This was revealed by one of the engineers from Facebook and is mentioned in the document.