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Apple, Google, And Uber Must Share Mapping Info With Rivals

Tech firm such as Apple, Google, and Uber must be forced to share mapping info with the public sector and rival companies. This has been advised to the Government of UK by a data advocacy group.

In a report posted this week, the ODI (Open Data Institute) claimed that “data monopolies” were roasting innovation in the U.K. These firms duplicate each other’s efforts, claimed the report, while employing their huge financial clout to attain insuperable leads over potential rivals. If they shared info, they claimed, then many new technologies and services— such as self-driving cars and drone delivery services—might benefit.

The ODI is a powerful group in the UK, co-established by Nigel Shadbolt (an artificial intelligence’s professor at the University of Oxford) and Tim Berners-Lee (the World Wide Web’s inventor). The report was posted before the UK government’s upcoming review of national geospatial plan, which will direct any mooted modifications to legislation.

On a related note, Microsoft earlier claimed that it is pledged to obeying with the rule of the land when it comes to data privacy. The firm will honor requests for localization of data from all nations. “We will have to obey with data laws of different nations. That is compulsory for us. We are already fully obedient with the EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and will do the same with data protection laws by other nations,” claimed Corporate Vice President at Microsoft for Cybersecurity Solutions Group, Ann Johnson, to the media in an interview.

“I care about the movement of anonymous bunches of encrypted info that must move freely amongst the nations. New cyber attacks are surfacing and in this case, knowing such bunch of triggers can assist us develop enhanced security systems, particularly at a time when attackers are very well supported,” claimed Johnson.