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Scientists Say, The Earth Is Likely To Consume Oceanic Water

The planet has its tectonic plates drowning deep into the Earth’s interior and the most surprising is that it is taking in a lot of water with it underneath. This dragging process is sure to create huge craters on the surface. The Earth’s self eating action is what the researchers are focusing on.

The researchers have been able to conclude this after confirming the usual seismic cracking of the planet owing to the earthquake in prone zones such as Marianas Trench wherein the Pacific plate slips under the Philippine plate along with water in between the rocks that dive deep down the surfaces. The researcher Donna Shillington of the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory from Columbia University is studying the rumblings of Earth’s deep water cycle. The seeping of the water underneath the surface can lubricate the faults and results in more earthquakes and magma production in the upcoming years.  The water is stored in the crystal form in the minerals is incorporated into the Earth’s interior when the newly formed piping-hot oceanic plates bend and crack as they pulverize underneath their neighbors. This subduction process is what pushes the water deep down, according to Chen Cai and his colleagues from Washington University. The network of seismic sensors that detect the variation in the temblors is being used to track the amount of water being carried down.

The researchers are making use of the velocities, temperatures, and pressures to calculate the water diving into subduction zones. The water being dragged has escalated to three times more at present. The water seeping in comes out via the magma of the volcanic eruptions. As the water calculation shows no reduction in the ocean water showcases that the water flowing in and out are equaled naturally. This concept still remains unclear for the scientists. According to NASA, the human habitat on the Earth can now fulfill their dream of traveling to Mars by 2040. Elon Musk’s SpaceX is being encouraged to create a spacecraft for this purpose by the end of next year. The Earth alone will no longer have humans colonizing instead there are chances Mars will prove be to the next destination for thriving.