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Business Leaders Call For Public Vote On Brexit

Now business leaders are applying pressure on British politicians to end the stalemate on Brexit and solve the issue amicably as soon as possible. Around 70 business leaders have signed a letter and sent it to Sunday Times, asking for a public vote on UK’s Brexit deal. CEO of Waterstones, former boss of Sainsbury Justin King, Richard Reed of Innocent Drinks, Martha Lane Fox and Lord Myners of Marks and Spencer are some of the industry leaders and signatories of the letter. While the Prime Minister has declared that there will not be any new referendum, a group called Business for a People’s Vote will be launched this week to have a ballot on whether to accept terms of Britain’s exit from European Union.

The letter stated that business community had been promised that even if Britain chooses to leave EU there would be frictionless trade with other nations in the union and this certainty has to be ensured to enable long term investment. Though PM is making efforts to settle things amicably, the proposals being discussed between government and European Commission are falling short and uncertainty in business environment has led to a slump in investment.

The letter concludes that given the state of affairs it appears that business community and citizens of Britain are facing a blindfold situation or are likely to face destructive Brexit. Since none of these options were in the ballot of 2016 a “People’s Vote” will help people decide for themselves how they would like the situation to phase out. But PM Theresa May stated that asking people to vote again would be a betrayal of their trust as they had already given their decision during the 2016 referendum to leave European Union by a margin of 53 percent over 48 percent. So public vote opponents on final Brexit deal say this “People’s Vote” is undemocratic as people have already had their say.