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Gas Starts Flowing At UK’s Only Operative Fracking Site

According to Cuadrilla, the energy firm, shale gas has surfaced the single operational fracking site in the UK, at Lancashire. The firm believes that this site may prove to be a prominent source of the gas.

The operation of the fracking site was suspended due to the earth tremors. Also, the renewed underground drilling operations encountered suspension after the area witnessed further tremors. However, it started to operate in October after 2011.

Though Cuadrilla is expecting the site to produce shale gas in significant quantity, Rosie Cooper, the local MP believes that it is important to seal the site with an immediate effect. She stated the same after the area received the strongest tremor after the fracking site resumed the operation this October. As a result, the share prices of AJ Lucas, the parent company of Cuadrilla have fallen.

As per the British Geological Survey, the earthquakes having a magnitude of two or below are felt only by the people residing near the epicenter. Therefore, the organizations or groups that are against the fracking are looking for alibis to suspend the procedure by designating the same as an environmental threat. On the other hand, the Executive Director of Greenpeace UK, John Sauven stated that the procedure of fracking is about boring deep holes in the muddy fields which have small amounts of highly expensive gases. He also added that the fossil fuel companies don’t offer the deserved amount in exchange for an unmatched support from the government.

One of the spokeswomen from Cuadrilla stated that the company will work on the two horizontal exploratory wells before they proceed with testing the commercial ability of the flow of gas. Also, she confirmed that the natural gas has flown to the site near Preston New Road. In fact, Francis Egan, the Chief Executive of Cuadrilla stated that the volume of gas flown is small but has a good potential.