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General Motors To Enter Electric Bike Segment

General Motors has said in one of its statement that it is planning to launch two models of electric bikes into the market in the coming year. One of them will be folding type and the other one will be compact type. The decision has been taken by GM as it is keen for bringing in the electrification in its business. The company is seen to be ambitious about entering the electric vehicles segment in an attempt to play eccentric from its long run traditional business practice. The company has been manufacturing gasoline powered vehicles since decades and now it has its own plans to enter the electric market.

The company has not revealed much of the information about the ‘to be launched’ electric bikes, neither has it shared its plans for the same in the coming future. Hannah Parish, who is one of the Directors in GM, has said that she can’t comment on what the plans of the company are. She also added that it cannot be predicted whether the company will plan to start its own bike sharing business as it is about to launch those electric bikes.

However, she gave away some hints about those electric bikes which the company is planning to launch. She said that the e-bikes will of course be ‘connected’ and will also be ‘smart’.  She did not forget to mention that those bikes will be specifically inspired form the OnStar of General Motors which is a paid service offered by the company. It deals with vehicle security along with some emergency services. The service is currently offered by the company with its cars. The detailed configuration of the service can be seen when the company launches the bikes. The company has provided a couple of safety features in the bikes which includes rechargeable lights on the front as well as rear.