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Gmail Received A Useful New Update Upgrade That Will Definitely Make iPhone Users Happy

Google’s Gmail is accessible on desktops apart from Android and iOS operating systems. This extremely popular service is frequently upgraded by Google, bringing new tweaks and functions for consumers. One of the newest modifications arrives on iOS handsets with the email customer now permitting consumers simpler access to their various accounts. Earlier, consumers had to physically toggle accounts to see respective inbox of every account.

On the other hand, a new upgrade on iOS for Gmail now permits consumers to “see email from various accounts” in one joint inbox. Such a function was earlier accessible on Android platforms, but now iPhone consumers have been leveled up.

Declaring the new function, Google claimed: “You can see email from various accounts, be it your personal or work, non-G Suite or G Suite, in the Gmail app for iOS. But you’ve conventionally required toggling between various inboxes to do so. To save you time, we are now making it achievable to see emails from various accounts in a combined inbox on any iOS device.”

On a related note, back in April this year, Google launched out what can be claimed as the largest alteration for its Gmail app in addition to some new functions. Out of them, one of the main functions is the functionality for “high-priority” notifications. Almost a few months post its launch, the feature has began launching out to consumers. On the other hand, it is still not accessible for majority of them.

The search behemoth, as reported by the media, launched out the “high-priority” notifications function of Gmail only to its iOS app. Android app consumers will also get it shortly. For those who are not aware, this function is not something new arriving from the company. It has already been present with the firm’s other email application dubbed as Inbox since 2017 and is also available in web interface of Gmail.