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Healthcare Company Once Associated To Revlon Knew It Provided British Patients With Infected Blood

A pharmaceutical company previously owned by a part of Revlon, the cosmetics giant, was aware that its medical products were infecting patients with hepatitis C. Earlier leaked documents revealed that officials related to this incident knew about this issue. However, they did not inform the same to the public.

In the 1980’s, Revlon was involved in operating an individual healthcare firm that manufactured blood plasma products under the name Armour Pharmaceuticals. These products were given to hemophiliacs after importing to Britain. However, few batches of these products were found to be contaminated with viruses such as HIV or hepatitis C. And these infected products were given to British patients. In this scandal, minimum 2,500 individuals were expired.

Revlon has changed hands many times since the 1980’s and the present firm, which only makes cosmetics. Now, it has no connection with this pharmaceutical arm, which was sold off in 1986. However, it leaked some documents suggesting that Revlon Health Care, the former firm, was aware of the risks but did not reveal them to the public.

On a similar note, BioIVT, one of important research services and models provider, announced the acquisition of Clinical Trials Laboratory Services (CTLS), which is the donor center and laboratory from London. CTLS is known for providing high-quality plasma, serum, and blood collection services.

Jeff Gatz, CEO, BioIVT, stated that the firm is delighted to announce the acquisition of CTLS. He added that the latest acquisition will be BioIVT’s foremost donor center in Europe. The firm would now address its clients’ requirements by presenting them with fresh blood and blood products. Gatz stated that CTLS has expanded the firm’s immune cell offering, which is one of the rapidly developing segments of the firm. The latest acquisition will boost the capabilities of the firm. It will also improve the competence of BioIVT with which it can bring high-quality biospecimens to clients in Europe.